• Voi's Favorites


    I spend a lot of time listening to actual-play RPG podcasts. NeoScum is my current favorite. NeoScum is played in the Shadowrun universe. This gritty sci-fi/fantasy setting megacoration-dominated dystopia populated with magical creatures and futuristic technology. Why Its a Voi’s Favorite Among RPG Podcasts The GM, Gannon Reedy is an amazing story teller and performer.…

  • All Over the Map

    The Secluded Farmhouse

    I created this map for the beginning of a D&D 5e campaign. In the campaign, the evil player characters were tasked with the assassination of a local noble who was causing problem for their employer. The noble was visiting tenant farmers for business reasons. In light of this, the players used this opportunity to murder…

  • Art of the Pickup Game

    The Art of the Pickup Game

    I’ve been running table top role playing games on Roll20 for a while now, both with IRL friends and friends I’ve made online. Recently, I’ve been exploring running games pick up games on alternating Saturday nights. I’ve gotten to play with new people, and run on-shots of games I’ve been wanting to play but haven’t…

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