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    Maze Rats: Pickup Perfect

    Next to D&D 5e, Maze Rats (links to free original and updated paid version) is the game of I’ve run the most unique instances of. I’ve run more individual sessions of quite a few other games. However, with Maze Rats is the I’ve played most from start to finish. So far, it’s also the game…

  • Voi's Favorites


    I spend a lot of time listening to actual-play RPG podcasts. NeoScum is my current favorite. NeoScum is played in the Shadowrun universe. This gritty sci-fi/fantasy setting megacoration-dominated dystopia populated with magical creatures and futuristic technology. Why Its a Voi’s Favorite Among RPG Podcasts The GM, Gannon Reedy is an amazing story teller and performer.…

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