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Port Fey Campaign Setting

Map of the fictional town of Port Fey, Washington
A tourist map of Port Fey, Washington

The Port Fey campaign setting first saw life in the game Soth that I ran.  Soth is a game about cultists in a small town working to bring their evil god, the eponymous Soth, to earth.  I keep meaning to do a post about this great game; it will show up in my favorites some day soon.  Port Fey was partially developed as part of that game, but the map above is of modern day Port Fey, while that game took place 20 years earlier.  Unfortunately for the people of Port Fey, the cultists were successful. Accordingly, the decent of their god Soth to earth began.

I continued the Port Fey plot line into a Monster of the Week game (another favorite)  in which the players fought against the evil god and the cultists they had played previously.  Since then, I’ve used the port fey setting for a number of Monster of the Week games.  I plan to get boots back on the ground there as soon as possible.

What I love about Port Fey

I really like Port fey as a setting due to the number of different environments it allows.  It has a small town feel on the East side, with kitschy tourist traps and mom and pop shops, and a grittier feel by the highway, with a run-down motel, an adult store and a truck stop on the west side of town.  The west side of town is bounded by the St Anastasia national forest.  Meanwhile, the Puget Sound is the eastern border of the town, with the exception of Knockranny Island.  It also has some nice set-pieces that can serve as single locations to host an adventure:  The Big Cougar Chalet Resort and Waterpark, Knockranny Manor,  The Old Sawmilll, and St Malverde Seminary.

I’ll continue to provide more information about Port Fey in posts on campaign settings.

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