The Unofficial Dungeons and Dragons Style Guide

Welcome to the Unofficial Dungeons and Dragons Style Guide (5e)! If that is something that appeals to you, wow, you’re almost as odd a fish as the person typing this right now. This guide represents my attempt to capture the conventions used in official publication of fifth edition content by Wizards of the Coast. I have no insider knowledge and all of this content is based on my own review of said content. I’m just getting started. If you have particular area of the content you’re interested in, let me know, and I’ll prioritize it if I can.

Style Guide Sections

  1. Grammar, Punctuations and Conventions
  2. Preferred Spellings
  3. Creature/NPC Stat Blocks

Wow, all of this is pretty dry stuff. Maybe head over to the Dungeonsports Coliseum and learn about mashing up some monsters instead?