Foundry VTT Modules

The following is a list of the Foundry VTT Modules in use for the Dungeonsports Coliseum. I have excluded any modules that are only dependencies and provide no other direct functionality.

Coliseum Green Room brought to you with the assistance of Foundry VTT Modules.
The Coliseum Green Room
  • Chat Command – Calculate – Totals damage from roles based on a variety of parameters including number of rolls or time. This may not seem like big deal, but if you’ve ever ran a high level game you know how much time is spent totaling damage.
  • D&D Beyond Importer – Imports characters and other content from D&D Beyond, just like it says. Lots of players prefer to create their characters on D&D Beyond, at least in my experience.
  • DF Curvy Walls – Walls are straight lines, but your battlemap may have round tower walls, spiral staircases etc. This module gives you some really handy tools for walling off those oddly shaped spaces.
  • Dice So Nice! – Who doesn’t want pretty dice? Some of the transparent options look amazing. It really adds a lot to a game dependent on dice rolls.
  • Drag Upload (Get Over Here!) – Allows you to drag and drop images directly on the battlemap. It also handily creates a character sheet when you drop a token as an actor. The downside is that everything goes to the same folders, so if you want to organize a little more, you’ll want to upload your images in the regular way.
  • Foundry Community Macros – A collection of macros maintained by the community. It seems a little hit and miss, but that may be due to the version that I’m on. It’s a great place to macros that you may need, or examples for code.
  • Foundry Stream Module – Allows you to interact with your Twitch chat directly from Foundry. I’m still testing this out to see what it can do. It was a little tricky to set up, but it looks like it will be worth it! Here’s a guide on how to configure this module.
  • FXMaster – Some interesting macros, allowing you to change weather, overlay filters and play videos. Honestly, I’m still working on implementing these, so I don’t have a lot to say yet.
  • JB2A – Jules&Ben’s Animated Assets – Some really nice animated tokens. Used them for my fireballs.
  • Permission Viewer – Let’s you quickly see what the permissions are on a given entity. Really, really helpful.
  • Pings
  • PopOut!
  • The Furnace
  • Token Info Icons
  • Token Magic FX
  • Wall Height

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