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New Draconic Options

Draconic options in formal wear are a must. This is Dale Merriwether, the brass dragon, in his tuxedo.
Dale Merriwether, CFO of the
Dungeonsports Coliseum
and sire of many, many, many
metallic dragonborn

My Discord is abuzz with discussion of the new Draconic Options UA recently released by Wizards of the Coast. People seem most interested in the addition of new varieties of dragonborn. This is especially true for the rarer damage types that are available for crystal dragonborn. As a GM, I’m excited about the nod to crystal dragons; I hope that means I’ll have official content to put one in the field soon!

This is a really comprehensive package, supplying multiple subraces for dragonborn, the draconic legacy trait for kobolds, feats, and new spells. In my opinion, the most interesting part is the subraces for the dragonborn. Along with providing options for crystal and metallic ancestry, they modify the existing ancestries so that there are meaningful differences between all three. So, Chromatic ancestry gives you temporary immunity to your damage type. Metallic gives you a second breath weapon type, and crystal gives you flight.

Draconic Options Beat Me to the Punch!

I am, however, sad to see that they beat me to the punch on Summon Draconic Spirit. One of my players drafted a version of this spell that I was looking to publish. The version included in the UA is more complete than my current draft, as it includes the option for crystal dragons. It does, however make all breath weapons a cone, which is an oversimplification that I may still correct with my own version of the spell.

I don’t see any reason to go into to much more detail here, since you can check out the new UA, Draconic Options, here!

Looking for a place to test one of these new scaly friends out? Check out my Dungeonsports Coliseum if you want to play. If you want a game for one, check out my Everdown Maps.

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