A Beggar’s Bag You Say?

image of a Beggar's Bag
The beggar’s bag: “Lederbeutel Leather Pouch” by Hiltibold is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Looking over my search analytics, I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to be searching for “beggars bag 5e” and ending up with my site listed in the search. It took me a little time to figure out what you have been looking for. It’s a little tricky to find. However, I think this may be the beggar’s bag you are looking for:

If that was what you were looking form, cheers! If not, I made one of my own. Although I don’t say it in the text of the item, the bag can also be used to give items to unsuspecting creatures. I think it’s best to leave this use-case up to the player to figure out on their own:

Beggar’s Bag

Wondrous Item (Very Rare)

A worn old leather bag, just large enough for a hand to squeeze into. While holding the bag, a magical portal is created between the bag and any pocket, bag, satchel or other container that the holder of the bag can see. The holder of the bag has advantage on sleight of hand checks to take any items in the targeted container. When an item is taken, if the target is worn by a creature, the creature must make a perception check at disadvantage. On a successful check, the creature is aware of the missing item, otherwise the creature is unaware of the removal of the item. The opening of the bag is about 5 inches in diameter. Objects larger than that can be manipulated through the bag, but cannot be taken.

This item will make it very difficult for you to keep your rogue from stealing items. Because of this, you will probably require you to be ready to roll a lot of random items. Of course, that pends on the number of people your roguish party member decides to separate from their belongings. Alternatively, it would also give a party that didn’t have a rogue the ability to do a little thievery.

Interested in some more of my vile creations?

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