• Running a Game

    The TV Show Style Intro

    One of my favorite ways to start out pickup games or other one shots is by creating a TV show style intro with the players.  If the players have trouble understanding what I’m asking for, I describe the beginning of anime, which typically feature the characters in a scene that helps define them. Getting Started I…

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    Dazzle and Crow Save the Worlds

    Over the last few weeks I’ve started an actual play podcast with my daughters, whose handles on the internet are Dazzle and Crow.  We’ve started with the game No Thank You, Evil!.  In this first game Dazzle is playing Elise the super-smart princess who does magic. Crow is playing Simone, the super-sneaky wizard who flies…

  • Campaign Settings

    Port Fey Campaign Setting

    The Port Fey campaign setting first saw life in the game Soth that I ran.  Soth is a game about cultists in a small town working to bring their evil god, the eponymous Soth, to earth.  I keep meaning to do a post about this great game; it will show up in my favorites some…

  • Alignment,  Elements of the Game

    The Problem of Good and Evil

    One thing that has bothered me in role playing games is the concept of alignment.  Alignment is a game’s way to talk about the moral/ethical tendencies of characters. One component of a character’s alignment is good and evil.   In many games, players choose an alignment for their character as part of the character creation process.…

  • Tools of the Trade

    Building a Roll20 Character Sheet

    I recently began the project of developing a Roll20 character sheet for one of my favorite role playing games, Kagegami High. I’ll talk more about this game in an upcoming Voi’s Favorites post. It’s a big help to have a fillable character sheet during games. Additionally, contributing to the community is important to me.  I…

  • Actual Play

    Bluebeard’s Bride

    I ran the game Bluebeard’s Bride (Magpie Games) for the my first time over the last two weekends. This game focuses on feminine horror. This genre focuses on terrible things that happen specifically related to feminine gender roles and biology. Think of movies like The Babadook or shows like Chambers. This is not a game…

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