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    The Black Ice Cormaguin

    The Black Ice Cormaguin is a large flightless seabird peculiar to certain areas of the black ice of Carceri. Cormaguins are generally mild tempered, but will band together for defense when attacked. They are also capable of the violent and noxious evacuation of their bowels. They often use this as a means of covering their…

  • Voivode's Blocklist

    Otyugh Fragmenter

    On Twitter I posed the question, “How do Otyugh’s reproduce?” As an aberration, I figured it wasn’t the way that humans find “normal”, but likely something a little more exotic. The majority of respondents thought fragmentation was the most likely means of making otyugh babbies. I really wanted it to be budding, but I believe…

  • Campaign Settings

    Carceri: A Brief History

    The description of Carceri is very brief in the 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG), but it was enough to pique my interest: The model for all other prisons in existence, Carceri is a plane of desolation and despair. Its six layers hold vast bogs, fetid jungles, windswept deserts, jagged mountains, and black ice. All…

  • All Over the Map,  Everdown Maps

    The Panopticon – Everdown Part 5

    The adventurers get their first glimpse of the where they really are, Carceri, prison of the Outer Planes A lonely Gynosphinx guards beings in their prison cells in the panopticon. The prisoners, the Gunslinger, the Priest, the Beholderkin, and the Gulthias, each know a secret about the Carceri. They’ve been placed in solitary confinement here…

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