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The Secluded Farmhouse

I created this map for the beginning of a D&D 5e campaign. In the campaign, the evil player characters were tasked with the assassination of a local noble who was causing problem for their employer. The noble was visiting tenant farmers for business reasons. In light of this, the players used this opportunity to murder the noble in a secluded location.

A secluded meeting site becomes the stage for a grimmer type of business

As can be seen above, in the center of the map is the farmhouse, complete with a meeting table, hearth, doors and windows. After all, how would the players fill a noble full of arrows if there were no windows? In the top left of the map, a wheat field, thick and ready for harvest. This allows a stealth option to reaching the house. Next, the lower left corner of the map holds a pigpen and an outhouse. At the bottom of the map is a small barn, a good hiding place for the noble’s bodyguard. On the path leading out of the forest in the lower right of the map, there is a fire pit. As ordered, the noble’s guards to wait at the fire pit during the meeting. Finally, there is a well for realism, and maybe for hiding some bodies.

More often than not, the paladin bodyguard of this noble ends up humiliated or dead along with her lord. That’s okay though, If she survives this first battle, she’ll be a thorn in the side of these villains for the rest of their days. If she dies, maybe the god she serves will restore her to life for the sake of vengeance…

Alternative Scenario

The players need to defend the farmhouse from attackers. The farmhouse offers them visibility and and lines of attack on three sides. Attackers one side hidden from view, allowing them to freely approach the house and engage in melee combat. Maybe the party is resting with a kind family for the evening. As a result of accepting this generosity, they find themselves embroiled in a life-and-death struggle. But now saddled with defending their erstwhile benefactors. And where are these monsters coming from? Maybe that well they can’t see from inside the house.

The map is 40 inches wide by 40 inches tall. Setting a Roll20 page to this size will allow the map to fit the grid. Furthermore, the map is simple enough that it could be use as a template for an IRL tabletop battle map.

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