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Pangoliath: Community Monster #2

We wrapped up our second community monster, the pangoliath! This beasty is a gentle giant of the Feywild. It’s ancestors accidentally found there way into that mercurial plane of existence, and it seems they’ve thrived there. Their massive, scaled bulks hidden among the brambles, keep them safe from fomorians, hags and other nightmares of the twilight.

It’s unique in a few ways. It’s a high CR beast, which makes it a target for spells and effects that would not normally be able to target higher level creatures, for instance. It also has the ability to catch and bury other creatures. This functions similar to the Swallow ability of creatures like purple worms and tarrasques. The difference is that, when a creature is buried, it is not inside the pangoliath. The pangoliath is safe from further attacks because that creature is in the dirt, not inside of it.

You can catch up on the conversation that lead to the creation of this beast here:

Pangoliath Resources

You should have everything you need to put a pangoliath in your game below. I recommend using the creature as the source of magical ingredients. Surely, those big scales have to be great for crafting into armor, or using in some manner of ritual. Your players will have to figure out how to track one of these through the brambles of they Feywild. Once they manage to find one, they’ll have to figure out whether it’s worth it to them to try and kill it for it’s scales, or if they’ll find a more humane way of getting what they need.

First, there’s the stat block:

Pangoliath Stat Block

And some original art:


Next a token:

Pangoliath Token

Last but not least, here’s a file you can import into Foundry VTT:

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