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I spend a lot of time listening to actual-play RPG podcasts. NeoScum is my current favorite. NeoScum is played in the Shadowrun universe. This gritty sci-fi/fantasy setting megacoration-dominated dystopia populated with magical creatures and futuristic technology.


Why Its a Voi’s Favorite Among RPG Podcasts

The GM, Gannon Reedy is an amazing story teller and performer. Blair Britt, Mike Migdall, Eleni Sauvegeau and Casey Toney bring amazing characters and suggestions to the game. Their experience as improvisers shows in the quality of these characters. Amazing production quality and editing by Casey Toney seal the deal.

The podcast follows the adventures of a group of Shadowrunners on a trip across future America. This america has been rendered nearly unrecognizable by magic and war. The characters are amazing quirky and amoral. Because of this, hey find themselves in bizarre situations that get worse by the minute due to their odd decisions. Despite the oddity of the characters, they remain believable and emotionally compelling.

I don’t know exactly how closely Gannon and his players hew to the rules of Shadowrun. Honestly, I’m to busy enjoying the story to figure it out. I think that is what is really most important in role playing; The rules should drive the action, but the most important part is the story. So if RPG podcasts are what you’re looking for, and you can handle a good bit of off-color language, this is the one for you.

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