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    The Black Ice Cormaguin

    The Black Ice Cormaguin is a large flightless seabird peculiar to certain areas of the black ice of Carceri. Cormaguins are generally mild tempered, but will band together for defense when attacked. They are also capable of the violent and noxious evacuation of their bowels. They often use this as a means of covering their…

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    Otyugh Fragmenter

    On Twitter I posed the question, “How do Otyugh’s reproduce?” As an aberration, I figured it wasn’t the way that humans find “normal”, but likely something a little more exotic. The majority of respondents thought fragmentation was the most likely means of making otyugh babbies. I really wanted it to be budding, but I believe…

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    Nuisance Monsters: The Lichtfresser

    It’s unlikely that any adventurer was ever killed by a lichtfresser. They do present a significant danger though, as their fixation on light makes complicates the use of any light source. Having your driftglobe carried off in the belly of a giant bug to dungeon parts unknown is a real downer too. Watch the video…

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