• Voivode's Blocklist

    Swarm of Living Flames

    Smaller fire elementals struggle to retain their spark on the material plane. Because of this, they huddle together, sharing their heat and reducing their surface area as a swarm of living flames. There is also safety in numbers; as with any swarm, they become resistant to all manner of physical attack. They are significantly smaller…

  • Elements of the Game

    Darkness in the Dungeon

    Three companions stood at the mouth of the cave, each one peering into the darkness, yet all three seeing things very differently. Darvin hefted his great sword anxiously; His human eyes saw no further than the dim light that filtered into the mouth of the cave. The elf, Adrie, felt confident. Her eye were much…

  • Voivode's Blocklist

    The Black Ice Cormaguin

    The Black Ice Cormaguin is a large flightless seabird peculiar to certain areas of the black ice of Carceri. Cormaguins are generally mild tempered, but will band together for defense when attacked. They are also capable of the violent and noxious evacuation of their bowels. They often use this as a means of covering their…

  • Voi's Favorites


    I spend a lot of time listening to actual-play RPG podcasts. NeoScum is my current favorite. NeoScum is played in the Shadowrun universe. This gritty sci-fi/fantasy setting megacoration-dominated dystopia populated with magical creatures and futuristic technology. Why Its a Voi’s Favorite Among RPG Podcasts The GM, Gannon Reedy is an amazing story teller and performer.…

  • All Over the Map

    The Secluded Farmhouse

    I created this map for the beginning of a D&D 5e campaign. In the campaign, the evil player characters were tasked with the assassination of a local noble who was causing problem for their employer. The noble was visiting tenant farmers for business reasons. In light of this, the players used this opportunity to murder…

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